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Dr. Conor MacCormack

Mcor Technologies
Co-Founder and CEO
As former site manager for a 5th Framework European project with Airbus, principal investigator with SPS Technologies in the US in the aerospace sector, and with a PhD in mechanical engineering, Dr. MacCormack co-founded Mcor Technologies with his brother, Fintan, in 2005. Their vision was to democratize innovation by creating a set of accessible tools based on paper-based Selective Deposition Lamination (SDL) technology that would provide the freedom to innovate in an unlimited way.

Dr. MacCormack has served as Mcor CEO since 2007, during which time the company has run a very lean operation, launched industry-changing products, won national competitions and industry awards and generated worldwide recognition and demand.

Previously, Dr. MacCormack worked as a consultant with such notable companies as Boston Scientific, ABS Pumps, Aisle Master, Mantis Cranes, Tanco Autowrap, Keenan Systems and Dromone Engineering.